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Residential & Commercial Tree Care

Eastern Ontario Arborists is a tree maintenance company. Whether you are a residential client with one front yard tree or a commercial client managing multiple units and properties we will provide you with the best plan of action for maintaining your trees health and teach you how to cohabitate with these amazing living organisms.

Tree Pruning

Pruning for health, thin/deadwood

Structural Pruning

Pruning for the future

Reduction Pruning

Weight reduction pruning for tree longevity

Cabling & Bracing

Proactive, preventative actions before its too late

Hedge / Shrub Trimming

Keep your cedars and shrubs looking great all year

Air Spade Services

Root collar excavation and inspection, cutting of girdling and encroaching roots

Plant Health Care

Fertilizing and spraying to keep your trees happy and healthy

Tree Removal

This will always be the last option when our Arborists visit your property

All City of Ottawa Permit Application Services are Available.

Deep Root Fertilizing & Airspade Services

The most important and crucial factor for your trees health begins below ground. Establishing a strong vigorous root system and proper soil depth are the key to happy and healthy trees. Our deep root fertilizer combined with a root collar excavation is the closest thing to a guarantee we can provide when it comes to improving overall tree health.

Deep Root Fertilizing

The quickest most affordable way to help your trees. Deep root fertilizing is the process of distributing a slow release fertilizer into the soil via water under pressure. Essential nutrients can then be easily accessible to your tree as required. The added benefit of the deep root watering contributes to opening channels beneath the ground to encourage future optimal root growth. When providing these essential nutrients to your depleted landscaped soils we are trying to recreate the conditions where trees are the healthiest. In the Forest! Not in a 10 ft x 10 ft front yard. Your trees will thank you.

Air Spade Services

The AIRSPADE is our favorite tool! Soil height and girdling roots are a major issue which has been going unrecognized and untreated for a long time. Now equipped with all the proper tools and know how we
are literally saving trees on a daily basis. The feedback on this service is almost always a very positive.

Check out the video below or schedule us today for a visit.

The AIRSPADE is also used for vertical mulching, root cutting and root barrier installation and on construction sites for root pruning within the CRITICAL ROOT ZONE.

Have you seen an Emerald Ash Borer?

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a highly destructive insect that attacks and kills ash trees. Native to eastern Asia, EAB was first discovered in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan in 2002.

Tree Pest, Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

Our trained and educated Arborists have all the knowledge and tools to recommend the right treatment for your trees. When it comes to tree pests and diseases there’s almost always underlying health conditions contributing to the decline of your trees. We’ll educate you on your trees overall health and make the best recommendations for your trees and your budget.

Root Collar Rot and Girdling Roots

This is the most common tree ailment and is easily correctable. If left untreated, this is almost always fatal.

Caterpillars of the Aporia crataegi (black-veined white) eating

Common Tree Pests

Emerald Ash borer, gypsy moth, scale, aphids, spider mites, Japanese beetle

We’ll help you identify your insect infestation and propose the best solution for each individual situation. Proper tree care, spraying, injectable insecticides and a wide variety of other home remedies can all be used to come up with the best integrated pest management plan for you.

Common Tree Diseases

Anthracnose, wilt, rust, fire blight, canker, scab and black knot just to name a few.

We can identify and if necessary recommend proper treatment for most tree diseases.

Every tree affliction is unique and requires an onsite visit for the proper recommendations to be made. Integrated pest management is never a one-time solution and numerous approaches and treatments will usually be required.

*A one time fix all spray should never be expected to aid in the health of your trees.