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About Us

Do you want to learn more about your trees?

Do you want to make sure your trees are healthy and safe?

Do you want exceptional customer service and a professional crew showing up to your property to carry out all your tree care needs?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ve found the right company for all your tree care requirements. 
Back in 2007, ISA certified Arborist Dave Buttivant and plant health care technician Sean Barker made the decision to combine their strengths and start up Eastern Ontario Arborists Inc. 
EOA Inc has now grown to be recognized as a premiere TREE CARE company in Canada’s capital city. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of maintaining some of the most historic and recognized trees in Ottawa. 
The company vision is simple. Exceptional customer service, well trained and educated staff and a passion for improving tree health and helping you coexist with trees within the urban forest. 
Sean, Dave and all of EOA’s employees enthusiasm for all things Tree related is both contagious and inspiring. Our main focus is educating “you” the tree owner, educating and training our staff with the latest industry standards and most importantly, retaining and maintaining as many trees as possible with our wide variety of tips, tricks and tools. 
If you think Eastern Ontario Arborists would be a good fit for you and your trees needs, please contact us today. 

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