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We’re in the business of educating our clients on proper tree care and tree retention.

Eastern Ontario Arborists:

We at Eastern Ontario Arborists are committed to offering you quality service at a competitive price by professional arborists. We strongly recommend having a certified arborist be the one to assess your property. We presently service Ottawa and surrounding regions (East, West & South).

Residential and Commercial Tree Care

Whether you are a residential client with one front yard tree or a commercial client managing multiple units and properties we will provide you with the best plan of action for maintaining your trees health and teach you how to cohabitate with these amazing living organisms.

Tree pest / disease diagnosis and treatment

Our trained and educated Arborists have all the knowledge and tools to recommend the right treatment for your trees. When it comes to tree pests and diseases there’s almost always underlying health conditions contributing to the decline of your trees.

Deep root fertilizing

The most important and crucial factor for your trees health begins below ground. Establishing a strong vigorous root system and proper soil depth are the key to happy and healthy trees. Our deep root fertilizer combined with a root collar excavation is the closest thing to a guarantee we can provide when it comes to improving overall tree health.

Do you need a second opinion before removing your tree?

Always have your trees assessed by an ISA certified Arborist

Eastern Ontario Arborists Inc takes great pride in the knowledge and expertise every one of our employees brings to the job site. ISA certified arborists, TRAQ qualified tree risk assessors, forestry technicians, plant health care technicians and arborist apprentices are just a few of the qualified staff we have out to maintain your trees.