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Finding a reliable, honest, professional tree care company in the Ottawa region can be difficult. There are numerous fly-by-night tree service providers lacking the basic knowledge and education needed to properly maintain and safely work on your trees. Be aware that in the Ottawa tree service industry you get what you pay for. It is always best to request numerous estimates from different arborists to see who you are most comfortable dealing with. 

We at Eastern Ontario Arborists are committed to offering you quality service at a competitive price by professional arborists. We strongly recommend having a certified arborist be the one to assess your property. We presently service Ottawa and surrounding regions (East, West & South).


Free "E-mailed" estimates for the following services.

  • Deep Root Fertilizing
  • EAB Treatments
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Health Care

The following services are provided by

Tree Pruning and Tree Removal

All of our estimates start with an on-site visit or consultation.

Why a Consultation?

At Eastern Ontario Arborists Inc. we feel that information is the key to proper service and informed decision.


Paperless invoicing now available and all e-mailed invoices accept

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Dave Buttivant ON 1174
Luke O'Brien ON-1511A
Sean Barker ON-1506A

3 Certified Arborists on staff
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